The Pros and Cons of Handling Your Own Case

In relatively simple matters, insurance companies will pay claims. For example, if your car was rear-ended at a light and you don’t claim injury, you can probably handle your own case. The probably, is to alert you to those situations where the person who caused the accident doesn’t have insurance, doesn’t report the accident to their insurance company or denies liability.

One thing I feel obligated to point out at every opportunity is that although the insurance company that paid for your car seems to have accepted liability, they have not. They may very well pay for your car and later dispute liability. If they don’t dispute liability and you claim injury, they certainly will dispute the extent of your injury.

The other person’s insurance company will not pay your medical bills until you are through with your treatment. Do not send them your bills. Send your bills to your Blue Cross Blue Shield or Medicare insurance. You may very well have medical payment coverage on your automobile that may pay some of your medical bills for treatment.

Where they will get you is on the recorded statement. I do not let my clients give a recorded statement until they have talked about what happened with me. Insurance company adjusters are not lawyers and have no obligation to the bar or the court system. If you were to talk to a lawyer for an insurance company, they would tell you that they were acting as an attorney against you.

Insurance company adjusters are there to limit the amount of money their company pays. They may seem friendly, but they are not your friend. Never forget that.

Buckle up, wash your hands, and as always, your referrals are appreciated!


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