10 Safe Driving Tips

Joel and I handle injury cases and have since 1988. We help people pick up the pieces after an accident or injury. We know how much it costs to make a house wheelchair accessible. We know how much it costs for a handicap van and how many of those a person will need over their lifetime.

It’s just better not to be hurt. Here are some easy things to do to avoid having an accident.

First, make sure that your tires and brakes are working properly. Tires that have uneven pressure can cause a car to brake unevenly. Secondly, stay calm and don’t be frustrated with other drivers. Sure, some are aggressive and drive too fast, change lanes quickly and cut others off but studies show that taking a deep breath and not being that driver will keep you out of an accident.

Third, assume the other drivers are going to make a mistake. That means just because a blinker is on doesn’t mean they are going to turn. When you approach an intersection don’t assume everyone else will stop as they are supposed to. Number four is following too closely. The rule is 20 feet of distance for every 10 miles an hour of speed. When you stop make sure you can see the rear tires of the car in front of you. We always have cases where people are hit from the rear and then slam into the car in front of them (this is as known as the “Double Whammy”.)

Number five, be careful in bad weather. When you hit a puddle it can pull the steering wheel, cause your car to hydroplane and warp your disc brakes. Just slow down when it’s raining. Sixth, WEAR YOUR SEATBELT. Number seven, don’t drive drowsy. Your response time slows down and at highway speeds, in two seconds you travel about 200 feet. Eight, don’t drive distracted. Studies show that talking on a cell phone slows your reaction time and so does putting on makeup and looking at your radio. “Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.”

Number nine, don’t speed. You don’t save that much time but you can increase your risk of a crash by as much as fifty percent. And that doesn’t count getting a ticket. And last but not least, more than thirty percent of all fatalities are the result of drunk driving. So, number ten is don’t drive drunk.

If you need us, call us, but we had rather you not get hurt in the first place.

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