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Stacey Holland

Tom is one of the best go getters alive... He knows what's going on with you, as a person and as the opposition. He will fight tooth and nail for YOU! He is very educated when it comes to protecting his clients.

Doug Johnson

I will recommend McCutcheon & Hamner to any and everyone who needs legal representation. They kept me informed and updated. Joel and his staff did an excellent job at being honest, professional and not sugar-coating any aspect of my case. They truly make you feel like family. Their tag line is spot on...They don’t want to be everyone’s lawyer. They want to be your lawyer.

Audrey D.
Mr. Hamner has always explained everything. Takes his time to listen to your problem. Everyone in his office are very friendly and regardless how you are dressed makes you feel welcome. I will use him again should something come up. Audrey Dawson
Doug J.
I will recommend McCutcheon & Hamner to any and everyone who needs legal representation. They kept me informed and updated. Joel and his staff did an excellent job at being honest, professional and not sugar-coating any aspect of my case. They truly make you feel like family.Their tag line is spot on...They don’t want to be everyone’s lawyer. They want to be your lawyer.
Julie P.
The law office provided a great service to Veterans and their wives in assisting with obtaining simple wills this was a program that I believe was started on or around Veteran's Day. They were very helpful and kind and my husband who served our country proudly was blessed by the gift.
Kristen B.
Due to a recent life altering and unfortunate car accident my wife was seriously injured. We were very unsure of who to turn to in seeking legal guidance and we weren't familiar with the process of filing medical claims with the car insurance companies involved. McCutcheon & Hamner were very supportive, professional and attentive to all of my wife's legal needs throughout the process and thanks to their outstanding service we were compensated substantially and were very happy with the outcome. We would highly recommend McCutcheon & Hamner to anyone that has been injured in an auto accident. We can't thank them enough for helping ease the pain of the event. Our family is extremely grateful.
Brad D.
Joel Hamner handled my workman's comp case with an impressive amount of knowledge and expertise. Joel is very personable and easy to communicate with. He helped me get a very good settlement and it is with great confidence that I recommend him to anyone seeking the most competent legal representation.
Stacey H.
Tom is one of the best go getters alive.... He knows what's going on with you, as a person and as the opposition. He will fight tooth and nail for YOU!!!! He is very educated when it comes to protecting his clients.
Nya A.
I am very happy with the end result this business provided me. Very friendly staff and a warm business environment and my case was handled in a very professional manner by Joel and his partner. Would definitely refer his services to anyone.
Paul M.
To Be Determine....
Sharon G.
Joel Hamner handled our case where a drunk driver hit us in a head on collision. We never had to worry about anything throughout the entire process, their firm handled everything . These are hometown attorneys that you can trust to do their absolute best for your case. You aren’t just a number with them.
justin W.
Mr.Hamner an his team helped me above an beyound.. I was very pleased with the outcome he got for me.. I will be recommending him to anyone..thank you Mr.Hamner
Elaine T.
Thank you, Mr. Joel Hamner, for being a great lawyer and for you, and your office staff, handling absolutely everything! I highly recommend you to anyone that has a legal need! 5 stars!!!!!
Ryan B.
I would certainly recommend Joel Hamner. After fighting the insurance company by myself for more than a year, I turned my case over to Mr. Hamner. He handled all the negotiations and paperwork from that day forward, which relieved a lot of stress, and allowed me to focus on getting well. Ultimately, he negotiated a settlement considerably larger than anything I was offered at any point while trying to handle it myself. I just wish I hadn’t wasted so much time and energy before contacting his firm. I would advise anyone to turn over any significant claim to their lawyer, and if you don’t have one, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Mr. Hamner.
Z!M !
Mr.McCutcheon was a great help too me!! He kept in touch,always had a great attitude,and he got me paid.I can’t thank him enough. I’ll turn to him for any future needs.
Andy W.
Mr. Hamner has been taking care of our family when it comes to legal matters for many years. His entire staff is very knowledgable, professional, and caring. Thank you Mr. Hamner for being a wonderful lawyer to our community.
Keith F.
Couldn't have asked for a more help and experienced lawyer and staff during our difficult time! Highly recommended for any personal injury needs.
Myra S.
Joel did an outstanding job handling my case. Gia was very helpful as well. Thank you both for your diligence & kindness.Myra
Tommy G.
Pleased to have met these fellows
Carlene F.
He worked hard for us, in our car crash on I-565, that almost took our lives. He came to the hospital to check on us and assure us that he would get for my husband and I all that he could. Which he did. Thank you, Joel.
James B.
Great people
john C.
My wife was hit head on by a driver under the influence. She sustained a broken back along with other injuries. I called Mr. Hamner from the emergency room and set up an appointment because I knew that we faced an uphill battle, not only from her injuries, but with insurance companies. From the initial consultation until last Monday when she received the final settlement we were treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. One might say we were treated as part of their family. We highly recommend that if you are in an accident there is only one firm to call and that is McCutcheon & Hamner.
Gigi B.
I came in with an "odd" case. Mr. McCutcheon took and and NAILED it! I'm VERY pleased with the efforts and results. Thank you!
Mallari R.
Mr. Hamner and his staff have been very professional since day one. He helped us reach our settlement after our car accident and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Highly recommend them!
John David R.
Tom and his associates are extra friendly and did an outstanding job helping me. I would definitely recommend them to anyone
Deborah G.
Mr. Hammer is a very good lawyer! He treated me with respect, kept me well informed on my case, and got me a great settlement for my car accident. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Arnell A.
Very friendly ,,,well educated in every law,,,, highly recommend
Gary R.
Great .The best.hands down.
Sandra P.
I was hurt at work, I had three Desk that fragmenting up my spine. I couldn’t get Workmans Comp to send me to get a MRI. I Contacted Mr. Hamner and within two weeks I had any MRI and had an appointment with a surgeon. After surgery I was still have a lot of pain. Mr. Hamner stood beside me through 5 years of going through multiple events that finally led up to having a stimulater implementation. He also fought for a settlement with them continuing covering medical.The staff is awesome, they make you feel like family! I would definitely recommend this firm they are great!
Holly H.
Joel handled my case with compassion and professionalism. We were finished quickly which helped in the healing. Thank you Joel and team!
Tom M.
Obviously I am biased, but that said I think too many lawyers see what they do as a business.It is a profession and my father, who some of you knew always taught me this- PUT THE CLIENT FIRST.We know all of our clients personally and it is an honor and a privilege to be trusted with a clients case.
La'Wana R.
The very first day when I met Mr.Hamner and Miss Donna I just feel a warm family vibe from them they never left me where I wasn't feeling comfortable about my situation and I knew I was in the best hands Leah & His Mr Hamner's personal assistants went over and beyond. If I had a situation that requires an attorney hands down it would definitely be Mr. Joel Hamner and Mr. Tom McCutcheon this team is very professional you won't regret using them and this is from the heart.
Christy H.
Great men!!
S T.
My Husband had a extremely bad motorcycle wreck 2019. We met Mr Hamner after. We had no clue what to do or process that would follow. Mr Hamner & Gia would answer any questions that we had (& tried their best to answer in a way that we could understand). We appreciated their honesty.
Kade M.
Amazing team that really works for you. They keep you updated and really try to explain everything so that you can really understand what is happening throughout your case.
Lauryn S.
They were very helpful! Where of course anything you deal with takes time to get through they were really fast and kept us informed with everything! Definitely recommend them to anyone needing help!!! They got us exactly what we were looking for and we're willing to fight for it
sharla C.
Joel hamner handled my husband's case very well and professional a workman's comp case and we would definitely recommend him for anyone else's casesand we would definitely recommend him for other people's cases
Garrett B.
Extremely professional and honest they will fight for you! I can’t thank Mr. McCutcheon enough for never settling for less and handling my case with nothing but hard work and professionalism THANK YOU!
joseph B.
Crystal L.
Extremely helpful
Jesse L.
Joel Hamner was my lawyer, All of his staff members were amazing. My case received it’s first check for settlement in under 12 months. They handled everything professionally, Kept amazing record keeping about my doctor visits, Notes and surgery information, They crafted a very well detailed demand letter and most importantly they dealt with me being super annoying and checking in almost everyday about the progress with the case. They’ve always been friendly and nice as well as knowledgeable and we’re always willing to explain in great detail of the things I didn’t understand.Thanks y’all- Jesse
Erica P.
Tom McCutcheon always helps my family with all our legal needs. He is thorough with wills, POA’s, and everything you could need. His assistant, Jennifer, is the most polite and helpful person! She is super quick and responsive when you need something! They make the perfect team!
Donna S.
Not knowing what to do or who to turn to after being injured in an automobile accident, Joel Hamner was recommended to me. I put all my trust and faith in Joel Hamner's confident hands. Without coming to trial, Mr. Hamner represented me to the insurance company and I was awarded a substantial amount of funds to cover my inconveniences. If ever needed in the future, I would use and recommend McCutheon and Hamner. Compassionate, honest, timely, considerate, knowledgeable and a history of positve outcomes are only a few words to describe my experience. Thank you for taking my case.
Jason P.
Honest an friendly they are here to help you get what you deserve. They work hard an stay consistent also take care of the headache for you witch is good. I would highly recommend them for anyone who needs there kind of service. Thank you so much.
Oatie_Wit_ Dat_Drake (O D.
Great group of people to do business with.
Jamie H.
Joel handled my case few years back with the best of expectations.. Kept me informed every step of the way...Was treated like family and that meant a lot...that's why if ever need be I will be speaking them to help me....GOOD PEOPLE..
Amanda H.
I recommend them to anyone, best lawyers around!!!
Devonda M.
Great customer service. Donna the receptionist was great in assisting us with our needs. Gia was great to complete the will on the spot so we didn't have to drive back down to Florence to sign it. We really appreciate all that you do for the Veterans.
George A.
They treated me like I was family. Very helpful and knowledgeable. I can't thank them enough for all their efforts on my behalf. I highly recommend this law firm. They fought for me and didn't let me down.
Sandra M.
Excellent staff and attorneys. Most recent case with Mr. Joel Hamner. He handled it with the utmost professionalism. He and his staff counseled me from the beginning until the positive outcome which he won in court in my favor. I highly recommend McCutcheon and Hamner to those who seek help with the issues of their expertise.
Layken B.
We love Mr. Hamner. He helped us out through every step, and stayed in contact with us and got us the way more money than we expected! We are Chinese, and he helped us more than anyone else could! Highly recommended!
Lori G.
Joel and Leah were amazing! They worked so hard to get the most out of my case! I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely use Joel for anything in the future!

Florence Personal Injury Lawyers

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Sustaining personal injuries in any type of accident can be a devastating experience. These are unpredicted and unwarranted injuries caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of other parties. They can result in serious medical issues that put you out of work for long periods of time while your expenses skyrocket. In the most serious cases, they can leave you with catastrophic injuries leading to permanent disabilities that are life-changing. No one should be exposed to this type of situation yet, through human error and even malice, individuals in our state suffer serious personal injuries in a variety of scenarios every day.

If this has happened to you or a loved one, you may be overwhelmed with the realities of undergoing short-term or long-term medical care involving hospitalization, outpatient care, rehabilitation, and more. This can make handling the details of a personal injury claim at such a time even more daunting. In order to get the best result from your claim, you will need it to be thoroughly substantiated and supported. You will also need someone who knows how to deal with insurance company representatives whose main goal is to pay you as little as possible. That is why we recommend that you bring your claim to McCutcheon & Hamner where you can be represented by attorneys who are leaders in this field in North Alabama.

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At McCutcheon & Hamner, we have handled over 50,000 cases involving injury claims. Our firm has recovered more than $100 million in successful settlements and verdicts during our many years of practice. We have also obtained the largest car accident verdicts in several counties. Our accomplished legal team brings a thorough knowledge of Alabama injury law to your case along with tough negotiation skills. These skills will put your case at an advantage when dealing with at-fault parties and their insurers. We also are in command of strong litigation skills when a trial becomes necessary. Most cases are settled outside of court but our Florence personal injury attorneys are ready to apply aggressive representation in court should a fair and just settlement not be forthcoming.

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Thomas W. McCutcheon Jr.

Born in Jefferson County, Alabama, September 4, 1959 Admitted: 1988, Alabama, U.S. District Court, Northern District of …

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Thomas McCutcheon

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At our firm, we always prepare every case as if it will go to trial. Through thorough investigation and documented evidence, we put your case in the strongest possible position. Many personal injury lawyers fail to do this. We have learned that through thorough preparation of all cases, we can obtain the most value for our clients in terms of compensation for medical expenses pain and suffering, lost income, property damage, emotional trauma, and more.

We handle all personal injury claims and lawsuits, including the following:

We also provide representation for Social Security Disability benefits as well as workers’ compensation. In all practice areas, our legal team and staff bring a deep sense of empathy to you as a client. We start by thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with the details of your case so that we can work towards obtaining maximum compensation for you and your family.

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Our attorneys are serious about justice from the beginning of each client relationship. We never let an injured or unrehearsed client be questioned by a trained insurance adjuster; doing so can damage your case from the start. we are here to provide you the guidance and representation you need throughout all phases of your case. Let us take on the legal burden so that you can work on your recovery and move forward with your life with the peace of mind knowing that your claim or lawsuit rests in the hands of a proven law firm.

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He was nice, kept us informed, and wrapped our case up in a timely manner!
- S. Fortenbury
Saying they are professional and reliable attorneys is an understatement. They have gone above and beyond to help me, even when I was unreasonable and impatient.
- C.M.

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