Insurance Adjusters

Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company that hired them. They do not work for you. You may or may not have a valid claim. That claim validity determination initially will be made by an insurance company hired adjuster. The value of your claim will also be initially determined by an insurance company hired adjuster. Ultimately your insurance claim validity and claim value can be resolved by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Insurance adjusters have the right in fire cases to take the sworn statement of the insured. These sworn statement sessions can last three (3) hours or more without a lawyer being present to represent the insured. A three hour deposition or sworn statement offers many opportunities for mistakes and inconsistencies that later on make an innocent person look guilty.

It is difficult to overcome recorded statements that contain damaging testimony that claimants give soon after a claim arises. These statements are taken by people who know the issues, have rehearsed the questions, and have a list of questions prepared for them by a committee of insurance company hired people. If these questions are answered casually or incorrectly, those answers can determine the outcome of the claim.

The time to consult with a lawyer is before you give a statement to a trained individual who is not on your side.

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