Questions About Product Liability & Defective Products

How do I know if I have a product liability case or not?
Roger - Killen, AL

Roger, any time you feel you have a products liability case, it is advisable to contact attorneys such as McCutcheon & Hamner Accident and Injury Lawyers, who have extensive experience in the area of faulty or defective products.

No product liability case really exists without personal injury or death. Currently McCutcheon and Hamner is handling a product liability case that involves $250,000 in "property damage" from a fire caused by a defective cruise control switch in a Ford product. However, this is the only case that we have seen where a faulty product has caused enough property damage to warrant filing suit.

Within the last week we have seen three examples of potential product liability cases, these are typical examples of defective or faulty product liability which should be investigated by an attorney.

We know that Ford Explorers have a tendency to rollover and that should have been corrected in the design phase. Ford rollover cases are good cases has to be preserved and the scene of the accident needs to be thoroughly photographed because Ford will make the argument that the truck slid sideways and built up a furrow of dirt that caused the vehicle to roll. The true story is often told on the metal rim of the tire by looking to see where the cut marks from the road appear. If they appear on the bottom of the rim we know to look at the tire because it must have been flat at the time. If the cut marks on the rim are at a pretty flat angle we know the tire was inflated. If the rim is indented strongly, an expert can tell whether that indentation was made by the furrow of dirt that Ford will say caused the roll over or not.

We also worked with a car accident where a fuel fed fire occurred causing a tragic death. Fuel fed fires should simply not occur. Gasoline is a known combustible. On GM automobiles, on the expensive models, you get a flexible fuel filter line that tends to prevent fire. On the less expensive models you get a fixed fuel filler line that when it breaks off in an accident it is known to cause a fuel fed fire. These fires are product liability cases.

When a lawnmower rolls over and catches fire and burns someone, that is a product liability case and the lawnmower should be preserved in the state it was in after the fire so it can be used as evidence.

We at McCutcheon and Hamner believe manufacturers understandably but regrettably benefit from the fact that when someone is hurt badly or killed nobody really cares about preserving lawnmowers or burned or wrecked cars. If you want to help your family, preserve the evidence and call the Accident and Injury Attorneys at McCutcheon and Hamner. Without those pieces of evidence the loved ones who survive cannot pursue the case. In all the cases McCutcheon & Hamner work on we try to accomplish two important goals; 10 the family or injured person is provided economic security as a result of a lawsuit and 2) we help make sure that other people in other families are not hurt or killed the same way.

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