Nurse Managers and Adjusters

As a practical matter always remember that you do have the right to tell a nurse case manager or adjuster that she may not be present during your visits with the doctor.

Always remember that if the company doctor that you have is too biased towards the company or won’t look at other areas of your body that were injured and tells you that he or she can only fix your shoulder but not your neck,and things of that nature, you have the right to change doctors.

Always remember if your adjuster stops returning your phone calls and starts sending your check late and will not reimburse you for your mileage expenses, that you can hire an attorney to file suit and have your attorney talk to the company’s attorney rather than you talking to the company's adjuster.

Always remember that personal injury lawyers who handle workers compensation cases do not get paid until a judge approves their fee of 15% so you will not be charged to find out what your rights are and potentially what your case is worth. Anytime that you want to discuss your on the job injury case with attorneys who have handled and tried case after case, then come talk to our experienced lawyers at McCutcheon and Hamner. You can’t get to know us from this article and we cant evaluate your case without meeting you in person. We can’t promise you that we will take your case, but I can promise you that at McCutcheon and Hamner we will give you the best advice that we can based on the current status of the law, our experience and the facts of your case.

One further note about nurse case managers that is often lost in the emotional aspects of a workers compensation case is that these people are nurses. Nurses have a set of ethical guidelines that all are aimed at promoting their patients welfare and well-being. When a nurse case manager argues on behalf of the company and against the patient they are violating the very basic functions of nursing. If you do not trust them, and there is no real reason why you should, instruct them to absent themselves during your meetings with the doctor. If you are uncomfortable doing so, call us at McCutcheon and Hamner and we will.

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