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Pedestrian accidents are unfortunately common, and every occurrence holds the potential to cause severe harm and disruption. Injuries from pedestrian accidents can change a person’s life, causing physical and emotional distress and leading to substantial financial burdens from medical bills and lost earnings.

If you or someone you know is in a pedestrian accident in Athens, you may have the right to receive significant compensation for your injuries and the associated losses.

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The McCutcheon & Hamner team distinguishes itself through its deep expertise and extensive track record in managing pedestrian accident cases. Our Athens personal injury lawyer is famous for its adept ability to tip the scales in favor of victims and has assisted numerous individuals in obtaining the justice they deserve.

Our conveniently situated office in the heart of Athens is easily accessible and close to notable landmarks, such as the historic Athens courthouse and the University of Georgia.

Our profound familiarity with local laws and regulations gives our clients much-needed confidence and reassurance. Contact us to explore the services we can offer concerning your pedestrian accident claim.

Pedestrian Accident Compensation


According to the Alabama Department of Transportation, pedestrian accidents lead to the deaths of more than 100 people a year on state roadways and cause injuries to around 700 more.

While pedestrians must follow traffic laws like other types of road users, they are at a distinct disadvantage when accidents occur due to their lack of protection against large, often fast-moving vehicles.

When a pedestrian accident occurs in Athens due to the negligence of the driver of a motor vehicle, the injured pedestrian has the right to seek compensation for the expenses of the injury or loss and the resulting psychological consequences. This includes medical expenses, income loss, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Occur in Athens

As the county seat of Limestone County, Athens is the location of many governmental offices and draws residents from other areas who have county business to tend to. Some danger zones for pedestrians include Cross Key Road and Elm Street/Alabama Highway 99.

The design of the Swan Creek Bridge on Elm Street does not cater to pedestrian traffic but is the main link between an apartment complex and the nearest convenience store. The bridge is not well-lit, and there is no separation between vulnerable pedestrians and fast-moving motorized traffic.

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers on public roadways have a legal duty to take reasonable actions to avoid causing harm to other roadway users, including pedestrians.

Many breach this legal duty, unfortunately, by engaging in risky practices such as:

Our attorneys handle a wide variety of pedestrian accidents. These cases cover distracted or drunk driving, hit-and-run drivers, and public transportation or commercial vehicles. Common injuries in these accidents include fractures, head and spinal injuries, and fatalities.

Battling the Insurance Company

When a motorist causes an accident with a pedestrian in Athens, the injured pedestrian can generally seek compensation for the economic and psychological consequences through Alabama’s personal injury claims process. This involves filing a claim with the insurer of the at-fault driver or injured party.


Insurance companies often attempt to devalue or eliminate claims, presenting many challenges for those seeking compensation.

The team at McCutcheon & Hamner can navigate these complexities. We aim to secure fair settlements for our clients, ensuring they receive adequate compensation for their expenses and pain and suffering.

Filing the Claim

When an insurer receives a pedestrian accident claim, they assign an adjuster to evaluate it with a view to protecting their financial interests.

The claims adjuster investigates the accident to answer critical questions, including:

  • Does the policy provide coverage for pedestrian accidents?
  • Was the insured liable for causing the accident?
  • How much do we owe the claimant due to the insured’s liability?

The adjuster can accept or deny the claim or offer to settle it out-of-court for less than its established value.

Negotiating a Settlement

Settlements are the most common route for personal injury claims, as they are less time-consuming and expensive than litigation. They also afford both parties some control over the ultimate resolution to the claim rather than leaving decisions about liability and compensation for a judge or jury to decide.

Filing a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

If the insurance claims adjuster fails to offer adequate compensation, the claimant can file a lawsuit in a civil court. You must file most personal injury lawsuits in Alabama within two years of your injury.

An experienced lawyer from McCutcheon & Hamner can protect your right to seek compensation by filing within the deadline the statute of limitations mandates.

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

After a pedestrian accident, injured victims must seek a thorough medical evaluation and follow through with any prescribed treatment plans from their doctor. This ensures the best opportunity for physical recovery and creates the documentation needed to prove the claim in court. 

Another priority for the victim is to attend a free case evaluation with an experienced Athens pedestrian accident attorney from McCutcheon & Hamner. You can talk about the details of your case, get answers to your legal questions, and learn more about the services an attorney can provide when handling your claim.

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Thomas W. McCutcheon Jr, Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Athens

A person’s body is no match for a fast-moving motor vehicle. Pedestrian accidents commonly result in severe and long-lasting injuries that require frequent and expensive medical treatments and home modifications and may hinder a victim’s ability to work and stay on top of bills.

If you or a loved one is in a pedestrian accident, don’t hesitate to contact McCutcheon & Hamner. We offer quality legal representation and a free case evaluation to assess potential compensation. Our relentless dedication to the pursuit of justice is a testament to our commitment to each of our clients.

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