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Social Security Disability Attorneys in Florence

When you hear the term Social Security, you probably think of your retirement. But the Social Security Administration offers many types of benefits, including payments to disabled workers. However, Social Security disability payments are not automatic, and denial of benefits is common. In fact, 67% of the individuals who apply are denied at the initial level. You need our experienced lawyers in your corner when you have been disabled. We at McCutcheon & Hamner guide you through every step of the complex disability claim process.

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How Does Social Security Determine if Someone Is Disabled?

Our lawyers help you put together your application materials. In many cases, we can file your application for you.

We must establish, through concrete evidence, that:

  • You are unable to work
  • Your condition is expected to last at least one year or result in death

We must also present lists of:

  • The type of work you have done in the past 15 years
  • All medical providers who you have seen regarding your disabling condition
  • All medicines that you take or have taken for your condition

Most importantly, we must show that the limitation placed upon you by your impairments prevent you from working.

Claim Denial & Appeal

You receive a written decision around three to six months after your application date. Now we have 60 days to gather additional evidence and file paperwork asking for an appeal of your case. In Tennessee and Mississippi, the second step is a reconsideration, while in Alabama the second step is a request for hearing before an administrative law judge.

Your Social Security Disability Hearing & Appeal

If you are still denied benefits after your hearing, we take your case to Social Security’s Appeals Council. Our disability attorneys may review and enhance your personal story in the continuing effort to validate your claim.

Filing a Lawsuit in Federal Court

In the event that your claim is denied yet again, our last step is to file an appeal in federal district court. We have extensive experience with Social Security disability denials that have gone to this level.

Get experienced, local legal representation for your Social Security disability claim when you contact our social security disability lawyers in Florence.

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