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What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

October 7, 2022

By Thomas McCutcheon

No one expects to be responsible for an event that injures someone or their property, but it happens — and it can be expensive.

That’s where liability insurance comes in. Instead of dipping into your own savings or paychecks to cover someone’s medical expenses or repairs, your insurance company takes care of it.

It’s about taking a small amount out of your pocket to shift the risk to an insurance company. Liability coverage is a given in homeowners and car insurance policies, but there are other areas you might need coverage in too.

Personal liability insurance.  If you own a home or drive a car, you probably already have some liability insurance. 

A standard part of homeowners and auto policies, liability coverage saves you from paying for someone else’s injuries or property damage when there’s an accident. Sometimes the insurance company will even pay when it’s not your fault.

Take homeowners insurance, for example. If a visitor gets hurt on your property, whether it’s in the pool during a party or because your dog bit them, you could be responsible for their medical bills — but since you pay for insurance, the insurer should cover it.  

With car insurance liability coverage, your insurer pays for the victim’s medical expenses, lost wages, court-award settlements or property damage when an accident is your fault.

Professional liability insurance.  Professional liability insurance covers small businesses or individuals who offer advice or services, such as accountants, financial advisors, doctors and lawyers. Otherwise known as errors and omissions insurance, it covers legal defense fees when a professional is sued by a client or patient, and settlement costs if they’re found liable.  

Business liability insurance.  Business liability insurance protects the financial interests of a business and its owner from claims of physical injury and property damage from employees, contractors or patrons. Manufacturers often have product liability insurance, for example, which pays legal defense costs and any court-awarded settlements if a product has a defect that causes bodily harm or property damage.

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