Q: My ex-husband was ordered at our divorce hearing to pay child support in the amount of $350.00 every two weeks for our two children and to keep them on his insurance. He hasn’t done either one. The children are on All Kids and Medicaid health insurance. He is over $10,000 past due on child support. He is not working right now and hasn’t paid child support in several months. Is he in contempt? I’ve been told no. He never helps with the kids. He can see them anytime he wants to, but he chooses not to see them much at all. I’ve been told that there is nothing I can do. Would you please advise me on what rights I have?

- Lisa from Tuscumbia, AL

A Will is a written statement made by a living person making a division of their property after death. When a husband leaves everything to his wife and upon her death, to the children, share and share alike, there are generally no issues.

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