Q: I was in an automobile accident and went to the ER by ambulance. I went to a chiropractor and after a month or so of weekly treatments began to feel a lot better. The at-fault driver’s insurance company says that because my Blue Cross Blue Shield paid most of the bills, they will not pay me without paying Blue Cross and there will not be any money left to pay me. I was really hurt for a while and missed a week of work which I needed. I believe I am due some money. How much should they have to pay me and what does Blue Cross Blue Shield have to do with it?

Robert, Tuscumbia, AL

Proper planning prevents problems. That’s what my Dad always said, and my Dad was right. One issue that we have seen repeated for over 30 years needs to be addressed, and that is property or assets held by financial institutions.

Q: As a homeowner, I am concerned about accidents that may happen when contractors and their employees are working on my house. Do I have any liability as a homeowner if someone who is working on my property is injured?

Bob, Florence, AL

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